YouTube oboe lessons

I am happy to provide students with free YouTube oboe lessons in collaboration with the Fortissimo Project. Please see the Fortissimo Project website for more free instrument lessons from professional musicians. Please explore the rest for more educational resources for students and teachers. The videos range in topics from oboe fingerings to oboe reeds and care.

Oboe Assembly. This Oboe lesson explains how to assemble and disassemble the oboe, and where to place the hands on the oboe while assembling it.

Oboe Reeds and Reed Care. This YouTube lesson is a brief introduction to oboe reed care.

Embouchure. This oboe lesson focuses on the formation of the mouth while playing.

First Sounds. This video teaches students how to make their first sounds on the instrument, and what needs to be done before this can happen.

Hand Position and Posture. In this music lesson I will talk about hand shape, position and the posture of the body.

Intonation. The intonation of the oboe is one of its many challenges, I give a free youtube oboe lesson on different strategies for playing in tune.

Breathing and Support. This online lesson addresses the importance of breathing and support on the oboe.

Alternate Fingerings. We will talk about the standard alternate fingerings for F, and Eb and when to use each form of the fingering.

Oboe care and maintenance. This  free music lesson teaches the oboe student how to properly care for their instrument.

Tonguing. This youtube oboe lesson teaches students the basics of articulation and tonguing on the oboe.