Reeds of Famous oboists

Reeds of Famous oboists

I am a huge nerd when it comes to anything oboe related. I love to see what oboe reed makers are doing with their reeds, what tools they are using and what insights they may have to share. One of my favorite books Oboe Reed Styles: Theory and Practice by David Ledet. Ledet’s book looks at the reeds of famous oboists and talks about their dimensions, player concepts, and shows pictures. I suggest the book to  any person interested in seeing all the different ways there are to make oboe reeds.

I am always expressing to students that they need to understand the concepts of oboe reed making more than a specific process, not because I am not confident in my own process as a teacher, but because they need to develop a system that works well for them. They need to take what their teachers know and improve upon it. I make pretty traditional long scrape American style reeds, but even within that category, there are variations. The oboe reeds pictured below are all what I would call the traditional American style, but there are visual differences, as well as tonal differences in the oboists themselves.

I am always searching for some great insight as an oboist. I look to the great masters of the present and  past hoping I may learn something. Perhaps  by observing their reeds, and listening to their recordings I can understand a little of what makes the music they make so special. The music that each oboist from this list created presents me with inspiration. Seeing the reeds makes me see what to strive for as a reed maker, and hearing the recordings makes me expand my concept of what to sound like as and oboist.

I hope to start a collection of pictures of reeds of famous oboists of the past and current. Please consider sending me pictures of your teacher’s reeds, or your reeds if you are playing professionally. Happy Obo-ing -Aaron


oboe reed of the famous oboist Robert Bloom
Oboe reed of Robert Bloom
oboe reed of famous oboist James Caldwell
Reed of oboist James Caldwell
oboe reed of famous oboist James Caldwell
Reed of oboist James Caldwell
oboe reed of famous oboist Ralph Gomberg
Reed of oboist Ralph Gomberg
oboe reed of famous oboist John Mack
Reed of oboist John Mack
oboe reed of famous oboist Elaine Douvas
Reed of oboist Elaine Douvas
oboe reed of famous oboist Alfred Genovese
Reed of oboist Alfred Genovese
oboe reed of famous oboist John Delancie
Reed of oboist John Delancie
oboe reed of famous oboist Harry Shulman
oboe reed of Harry Shulman
oboe reed of famous oboist Eric Barr
Reed of oboist Eric Barr
 reed of famous oboist s Peter Bowman
Reed of oboist Peter Bowman