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A.Lakota Reeds
provides customers with professional quality oboe reeds, hand-made in Western Massachusetts. Be Happy Oboe-ing

Shipping is $7.00 on all orders. Scroll down for quantity Discounts on reeds. Further quantity discounts are available for oboe teachers and music educators, contact me for more details. 

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 I do not send paper invoices with all orders due to cost and environmental impact. I am happy to provide an invoice upon request just leave it in the comments or your order, or send me an email. -Aaron 


Single Oboe Reed

Oboe Reed $22.00
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Oboe Reed 3 Pack

3 Oboe Reeds $60.00
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Oboe Reed 5 Pack

5 Oboe Reeds $90
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Simple Reed Adjusting (no knives required)

This information may be helpful whether you buy oboe reeds from me or any other oboe reed maker.

Soak new reeds in warm water for one minute. Remove from water and shake out excess water. Let sit for another minute.


The reed plays Flat

1)Squeeze the tip and heart area (about 1/3 ways back from the tip) closed for 30 seconds. Play the reed.





3) if the oboe reed is  still flat, displace the blades of the cane. Place the reed between the thumb and fore finger and push the top blade to the right, and the bottom blade to the left. Ultimately you are changing the internal dimensions of the reed to be slightly smaller, which gives the reed a higher pitch.


Oboe Reed 2 Pack

2 Oboe Reeds $42.00
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Oboe Reed 4 Pack

4 Oboe Reeds $76
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Oboe Reed 6 Pack

6 Oboe Reeds $105
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-The opening should be about the height of a Dime.

– If the reed is too open squeeze the tip closed between the thumb and index finger for 30 seconds


2)if still flat; place your thumb and forefinger on the reed just above the thread and apply a small amount of pressure. The goal is not to close the reed, but to seal the cane against the tube. This will also help high     notes speak.



Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about reed orders. I will replace any damaged reeds or reeds with imperfections. I want you to be happy with the reeds you receive, so if you are unhappy with my reeds for any reason please do not hesitate to contact me at I work hard to make sure you are able to Be Happy Obo(e)ing.