Oboe sound clips

Hear some samples of the oboe sound clips of  Aaron Lakota

What is a website dedicated to oboe, oboe reeds and teaching without some oboe sound clip?  Most of these recording were made several years ago, so some of my concepts of oboe playing have changed. I like to think I have improved since these were oboe sound clips were recorded. I am on a constant search to find my own voice on the instrument, and I admit I am not there.

Goossen’s oboe concerto

I love the oboe concerto by Eugene Goossens. I have a personal love for the English oboe sound and style of playing. This piece was written for his brother,  oboist Leon Goossens. I feel the piece is a true gem in the oboe literature. I would love to play with a full orchestra if any orchestras are looking for an oboe soloist in the future.

I feel the piece evokes pictures of cobblestone streets on the outskirts of small farming town. The oboe explores the melodic line, rising and falling smoothly.  Visuals of rolling fields, green fields, blue skies with earthy tones.  The orchestra/piano provides the ground, while the oboe sounds pass by like a cool breeze.

I recently played to Vaughn Williams oboe concerto and was reminded of performing the Goossens oboe concerto. The are both great representations of the English style, flowing melodic lines, allowing the oboe to do what it does best, build tension within a long music phrase. This piece would not lend itself to another instrument, it needs those oboe sounds and the consistently long phrase the oboe can provide.

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Concerto en Un Mouvement (Htb et Orch.) Hautbois et Piano
Composed by Sir Eugene Goossens (1893-1962). For oboe and piano reduction. Duration 12 minutes. Published by Alphonse Leduc (AH.AL22962).


Bach Magnificat ,Quia Respexit. Soprano Shelley Roberts. shelleyrobertssoprano.com

Shelley is a fine musician and friend of mine. We went to music school together and have continued to cross paths since. We played this recently at a church. I think the piece lends itself better to Oboe d’more than the oboe, but it is a lot of fun to play either way. I prefer the d’more to the way the oboe sounds. Shelley is available to teach in the western MA are for voice students looking for a voice teacher.

Grandval oboe concerto starts at 42:39

The Grandval oboe concerto was a piece I was not familiar with before playing with FVSO.  I was asked to play the piece as a concert devoted to women in music. I began a search for a concerto written by a female composer.  Unfortunately, women are severely under-represented as composers. I was happy to come across this charming piece and have the opportunity to play it with such a lovely group of people.

Bach Magnificat ,Quia Respexit. Soprano Corrine Byrne. corrinebyrne.com

I remember sitting in the reed room at college trying make an oboe ‘dmore reed for this performance. I had never made a d’more reed or even touched an oboe d’more until a week or two before the performance. I recal expressing to a friend “I dont even know what an oboe d’more sounds like.” This video has surprisingly been watched by over 60,000 people at last check. Corrine is great! We were both Pups in this recording. We have both grown as musicians and people since this concert, but it is fun to listen to it even now. Corrine is a very versatile musician, and I always look foward to performing with her when we are in each other’s neighborhoods. Check out here website to see what she is up to.

Rodrigo Adagio For Winds. The Valley Winds

The Valley Winds is a group I helped to found with Brian Messier a couple years back. This was our first concert together. I included it here because I love the piece  and the composer. You can hear the way the oboe sounds fairly well due to the light orchestration in the A section. Follow the Valley winds on social media, check out our website, and come to our concerts!

Cantilina by Edwin Roxburgh.

Phantasy Quartet by Benjamin Britten.

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Phantasy Quartet, Op. 2
(for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Violoncello). Composed by Benjamin Britten (1913-1976). For Cello, Oboe, Viola, Violin, String Quartet (Parts). Boosey & Hawkes Chamber Music. Boosey & Hawkes #M060014987. Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48008973).

Handel oboe sonata in G Minor.