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AaronLakota.com is an oboe blog dedicated to passing on information, perspectives, and opinions. I am passionate about the oboe,  reeds, teaching, learning, and  sharing my passions.  I am dedicated to helping oboists enjoy the process of music making since it means so much to me.  I do this through performance, education, and  providing  reeds to customers.  You likely have a love for music and the oboe if you have found your way to this website. I believe playing the oboe should be an incredibly joyful experience. Music and the oboe have the potential to bring much joy to our lives. I hope to provide you with great information about oboe reed making,  and playing the oboe.

Life is an exploration to find who we truly are. We evolve as individuals to discover where we fit into the larger picture of existence. Like myself as an individual, AaronLakota.com and ALakotareeds.com have been evolving over the past few years. The  main goal of AaronLakota.com is not to sell oboe reeds but to be  a presentation of what is important to me. Finding a way to give back to the community is important  to me.  This oboe blog is a small way to give back to the oboe community with information.   The site is also a way for me to express myself and my ideas. It is a small segment  of my philosophy of music, oboe playing, and life.

I love to make reeds, create products, share information,  sell reeds and learn from that process. I often tell my students  “the best way to learn to make reeds is to start a reed business!” I have discovered  so much in  the  past few years about reeds, learning, and creating things from ideas.  That has only been possible because of my wonderful customers and community support.  A.Lakota Reeds  has provided me with much insight into learning to  make  oboe reeds. I hope to give some of that knowledge back in this oboe blog.

Be Happy Oboe-ing

There is often a love/hate relationship that oboists have with the reeds and the instrument. I have been through times of frustration, it resembled  hatred a few times.  I always come back to find that love that hides beyond everything else. I believe we oboists can find that mental and emotional place where the oboe can bring us much joy, away from the headaches and heartaches it can often cause. Finding the joy in playing the oboe is a lifestyle, a state of mind perhaps. To get to that place we must practice the instrument, but also develop a healthy frame of mind. We get to play this instrument, we get to learn to make reeds, we get to sit and hone our craft and art for hours and days at a time. Many people do not get those opportunities. We get to play the oboe, we should find the happiness and joy in the process. We should be happy oboe-ing.

Be Happy Obo(e)ing is something I have embraced as a sort of slogan for A.Lakota Reeds, but it is also my  own way of life. We all must find that thing in life that speaks to us at a deep level. The oboe and music have affected me at deep levels and they provide me with much meaning in my life. I am sure others can relate to this on some level. I like to think that we all must  find the things in our lives that allow us to find meaning. I like to think I will continue to find deep meaning by learning and sharing what I learn in this oboe blog.

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Please take some time to read the articles I write, leave your own oboe information, and leave comments and feedback. I like to know what information people want to know about, and how I may help. I am passionate about the music and the oboe and want to know what other oboists feel is relevant. I am not by any means the best oboist or  reed maker, but I am ahead of some students on the path. I have tried many things, explored many ideas, and struggled with the oboe and reeds just as many of you have. I hope I may share what I have gathered from my experiences and mistakes so other students will not need to make them. Hmmm… Actually, I take that back, I hope students will make their own mistakes and learn from them. I would never want to take that learning opportunity away. I hope you may find the perspective I provide to be helpful, or at least thought provoking on your path down the oboe rabbit hole.

Music and  the oboe are the things I have committed my life to this far, and I have no intentions of stepping away from them. Making a career in music as a professional oboist can be challenging in a time when jobs are few and far between, and there are many other  fantastic oboists playing. There is a certain challenge in forging ahead on a path with no guarantees, job benefits, or blueprint. The music industry is going through huge transitions, I predict it will look very different over the next decade or two. I find this exciting, and I look forward to continuing to  explore what the classical musician of the 21st century will look like.     Music makes me very happy, it is the part of my life where I feel most myself. I hope every oboist and musician can find that same joy from music and the instrument.

I wish you all the greatest experiences with everything you do,  and I  hope you are able to Be Happy Oboe-ing. -Aaron

Be Happy Oboe-ing
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Be Happy Oboe-ing
Aaron Lakota provides oboists with a resource for oboe related topics. He hopes to provide the oboe community with valuable content through his blog AaronLakota.com.
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